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Do you have prior charges, arrests, or convictions on your record? Let us help you keep them in the past

Even when the charges are minor, having arrests and/or convictions on your record can lead to serious problems in your personal and professional life many years after the offense occurred. These incidents should not define who you are or your future.


Rather than allowing your encounter with the criminal justice system when you were younger play a role in your adult life, look to us to help you get your records sealed. This could be a possibility if:


•A certain amount of time has passed since the incident

•You have completed certain programs determined by the court


Having your records expunged allows you to legally say that you were not arrested or convicted of that crime if you are asked

If you are ready to pursue expungement of your records, give us a call to schedule a FREE initial consultation so we can evaluate your situation and advise you on how you may want to proceed.

Take the first steps to a restored reputation

Put your confidence in the over 40 years of experience and knowledge we have behind us to fight for your rights and your future by working to get your record erased.

A mistake you made in your past shouldn't define your future. Let us help you keep it behind you.

Put your legal past behind you

Get in touch with us today to put your past behind you where it belongs.

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